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Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

Doctors always tell us that there is no “magic bullet” for permanent weight loss. To lose weight, they say, we must eat less and exercise more. So in many cases, all we need to do to assist you in losing weight is to give your subconscious mind personalized hypnotic suggestions so that you chose reasonable portions of healthy foods and enjoy regular exercise. When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are working together, weight loss comes a lot more easily, and the process is much more enjoyable. However, if you have been using food to fill emotional needs, or if you have been using excess weight as protection, suggestion therapy may not be sufficient. In this case, we need to first discover what needs you are trying to fill and where this behavior came from. Using regression therapy or cellular release processes, you can release and clear the experiences and heal the emotions that created your pattern of overeating  and inactivity or your  subconscious need to hold on to extra weight. And we can then help you establish new habits, activities and ways of thinking that genuinely nourish both your body and your heart.





After working with Mira, I was able to recognize and heal the old emptiness I was feeling which made me turn to food.  I feel lighter and freer, both inside and out. I no longer mindlessly stuff food into my mouth when I’m bored, sad, frustrated or hurt. In fact, sometimes now I have to remind myself to eat!


-R.H., Entrepreneur, Denver, Colorado





Not everyone with a weight problem has a problem with overeating. Some people have a problem allowing themselves to eat enough to sustain healthy body weight and healthy body functions. As with overeating, the pattern of not eating enough may be  driven by a subconscious attempt to satisfy basic emotional needs, such as safety, self-esteem or feelings of control. When your weight becomes an obsession and you center your whole life around achieving or maintaining an unrealistically low body weight, you may wind up putting your entire life at risk. Processes such as Regression Therapy and Cellular Release can help you heal the painful or challenging experiences that set and keep this pattern in motion, and can help you find  true inner safety, self-love and self-acceptance.





“I was always self-conscious as a child because I was shy and somewhat overweight. I wasn’t very popular and was rarely picked for any sports teams. I was too shy to raise my hand in class much, so my grades were never more than average. My parents just wanted me to be the kind of popular over-achiever that older brother was, because they thought it would make me happy. I couldn’t change my personality, but in junior high school, I went on my first diet. I eventually got my weight down to 100 pounds. Everyone said I was too thin, but I didn't believe them. I began to wear more stylish clothes. I had popular friends for the first time in my life, but was always uneasy because I wondered if my friendships were based on how I looked. My parents were pleased with the new me, but I was always afraid that it wouldn’t last and that if I wasn’t careful I would become that chubby wallflower I used to be. Ever since that time, I have been obsessed with working out and counting calories.  I knew it was unhealthy, but I couldn’t stop myself. Finally, I got so thin and anemic that I had to be hospitalized for exhaustion. That hospitalization was a wake-up call, and when I got out of the hospital, a friend recommended that I see Mira for hypnosis. We’ve been working together now for about 2 months, and I am learning who I am and what I want, independent of how much I weigh. I’ve started painting, and recently joined an artist co-op. I’ve also started working with a nutritionist. But best of all, through hypnosis, I’m going inside and discovering what I like about myself and what I want my life to be about. I’m discovering who I am.”


LV, Certified Public Accountant, Lafayette, Colorado