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Weddings with Heart and Soul

After marrying my husband 15 years ago, I found myself faithfully reading the wedding section every week in the New York Times. I would read about how the couple met, how their courtship developed, and about how and why they knew they were right for each other. As I read about the details of these weddings, I would often notice that someone close to the bride or groom, rather then a member of the clergy, was the person chosen to perform their ceremony.


I found myself thinking, “I would like to perform weddings.” With my background in counseling, my love of writing and telling stories, my undergraduate degree in literature and creative writing, and my experience writing my own wedding vows, I felt uniquely qualified. But I wasn’t sure about how to take the next step.


Not too long after having these thoughts, I reconnected with an old friend who was an ordained, non-denominational minister. After we’d updated one another about what was going on in our lives, I told her about my therapy practice and about how I’d also been thinking about performing weddings. She said, “Funny you should mention that. I’ve been performing weddings for years, but I’ve had so many requests this year, I’ve had to turn people away. Would you like to become ordained and certified as a wedding officiant? I’d love to be able to refer people to you. I know you’d do a great job” And after my ordination and certification, I began performing weddings the following year. And just as I thought I would, I simply loved it.


As a wedding officiant, I work with couples to create ceremonies that reflect their own unique values, beliefs and personalities. I help them find the words that express the reasons they love each other and the promises they are inspired to make to one another. I might begin ceremonies with a poem, a prayer, or a guided visualization, depending on the couple’s preference. I help them find the poems, verses or lyrics that best tell their story to one another and the world. Each ceremony is different, and each one is memorable. I feel honored to play a part in such a meaningful time in their lives together.


If you or someone you know is planning a wedding and looking for someone to create and perform a custom-made, heartfelt ceremony, please feel free to call me at 303-778-8366.