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Here Are Some Comments From Previous Clients



My sessions with Mira were truly extraordinary. Under her skilled guidance. I tapped into previously unknown resources and talents, connecting with powerful, helpful parts of myself and my psyche. At all times I felt safe, honored and respected in Mira's presence. Each time I left her office feeling profoundly relaxed, refreshed and renewed.


A.N., classical homeopath, Denver, Colorado




Mira did a process with me that helped me mute my "inner critic" - the voice that constantly said, "You're not good enough. You're not doing enough. What you do is shoddy. You are unorganized. You are worthless. "With that voice muted, I'm more comfortable in my life, in my body, and in my relationships. The session was money well spent as an investment in my happiness.


V.I., librarian, Denver, Colorado




After working with Mira with Cellular Release for just 3 months, I find that my lifelong habit of using food for comfort has totally changed. When I first came in, I was feeling overwhelmed by  work stress, unable to deal with my emotions and unable to stand up for myself with my family or ask for what I needed, all of which made me turn to food. Now I feel lighter and freer, both inside and out. Over the last several months, my eating habits have significantly changed. I am enjoying lighter, healthier foods, eat smaller portions without feeling deprived. I find I can relieve stress through walking and journaling instead of mindlessly snacking. I have lost 12 pounds so far and feel really proud of myself.


M.T., financial planner, Denver, Colorado