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Hypnotherapy for Self-Esteem

If as a child you grew up feeling valued, protected and encouraged, and if you continued to experience these conditions as an adult, chances are good that you have a pretty healthy sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.  If you were not valued, protected and encouraged as a child, however, or have been in sufficiently demoralizing situations as an adult, self-esteem and self-confidence may not come as easily to you.


The good news is that, as the saying goes, it is never too late to have a happy childhood. Through processes such as Cellular Release, you can release and clear unhappy or unsupportive or demeaning experiences and start fresh. You can discover inner sources of support and safety and experience the outer world as a place that values you.





Mira did a process with me that helped me mute my “inner critic” – the voice that constantly said,” You’re not good enough. You’re not doing enough. What you do is shoddy. You are unorganized. You are worthless.” With that voice muted, I’m more comfortable in my life, in my body, and in my relationships. The session was money well spent as an investment in my happiness.


V.I., Librarian, Denver, Colorado



Through Cellular Release Mira changed my memories of being treated as if I was worthless an unimportant, so that I could live my life in the present without dwelling on these past feelings. I could make more appropriate decisions for the present without the past interfering.


L.V. Artist, Denver, Colorado