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Improved Relationships

We all want relationships that are healthy, loving, enjoyable and happy. But the relationships you choose as an adult often reflect the kinds of relationships you experienced as a child. And sometimes those early relationships may not have been as healthy as you would have wanted them to be.  Despite your best intentions, you may find yourself continuing to choose the kinds of friends or partners with whom you replay  unhealthy relationship patterns. And in doing so, you may find yourself feeling frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled or even unsafe in these relationships.


Sometimes, even when you are in good relationships, you can become entrenched in your own ideas and positions and cease to see your loved ones as they really are. You might see them through the lenses of your childhood beliefs and fears. You may find yourself reacting to your partner or friends as if they were just like the people who hurt or frustrated you in the past.


When, through hypnosis and NLP,  you are able to release and clear past negative relationship experiences and beliefs, you can then vividly imagine and experience positive ones. You see relationships through new eyes, your present relationships become healthier and happier, and you are able to choose your new relationships with more wisdom.





When I came to see Mira, my marriage was in a very strained state. My husband and I felt like strangers: we kept different schedules, slept in separate bedrooms and were barely communicating. During our sessions, I was able to really put myself in my husband’s place and understand where he was coming from like I never had before. I could feel my heart open with compassion and love for him once again. Now we are enjoying a reawakening of romance, passion and friendship.


P.C., Naturopath, Lakewood, CO.