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Hypnosis and Smoking Cessation

People begin smoking for many different reasons. You may originally have started to smoke because your friends were smoking, or because it felt cool, or because you were under stress. Once the habit of smoking took hold, your body became addicted to cigarettes, and, as you’ve probably discovered, it is much easier to start smoking than it is to quit.  Unfortunately, willpower alone is not  always sufficient to change such a strong habit. If you find that you need more than willpower to become a non-smoker, we can  use personalized hypnotic suggestion, education and NLP behavior modification processes to help you quit smoking permanently, and we can usually do this in just a few sessions.


Sometimes smoking is more than just an unconscious habit. It can serve as a way to cope with or shield yourself from painful emotions, thoughts and memories. If we apply suggestion therapy alone and don’t address the experiences that led you to smoke in the first place, you may quit for a time, only to either return to smoking or pick up another unwanted habit when those emotions, thoughts or memories are triggered again. In situations like this, we can use Regression Therapy or Cellular Release to heal those experiences and emotions and clear your body and mind so that neither the once-painful memories nor the urge to smoke ever return. And we help you find healthy ways to manage any difficult experiences you may encounter in the future.





After working with Mira for just six or seven sessions, I went from being a two- pack- a- day smoker to being cigarette-free!  Now that I can understand and express the emotions I used to repress with cigarettes, I’m learning how to take better care of myself, physically and mentally and emotionally.


D.W., painter, Denver, Colorado