Hypnotherapy, llc

Hypnotherapy for Personal Growth

Hypnotherapy and NLP are wonderful tools for gaining new insights, freeing yourself from creative blocks and helping you envision how you want to live the rest of your life. When the body and mind are relaxed and the conscious mind chatter is quieted, you are able to really listen to your intuition, the "still, small voice" inside. You are able to draw inspiration from positive role models, meaningful symbols and dreams, and plot a course for a future that allows you to be the full human being you are.





My sessions with Mira were truly extraordinary. Under her skilled guidance, I tapped into previously unknown resources and talents, connecting with powerful, helpful parts of myself and my psyche. At all times I felt safe, honored and respected in Mira's presence. Each time I left her office feeling profoundly relaxed, refreshed and renewed.


A.N., Classical Homeopath, Denver, Colorado