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Hypnotherapy for

Improved Performance

You’ve probably heard the expression, “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.” Hypnotherapy can help you clear away the anxiety, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that have kept you from achieving performance goals in the past. And these processes can also help you to fully envision and actually feel what it feels like, step by step, to play a perfect game of tennis, give a speech, perform well on a test, or give a presentation. Your body and brain will respond to these internal “practice” sessions as if you had experienced them in “real life”. And practice does make perfect.




I was over 50, going through a divorce, and decided to go back to school to become a nurse. My past experiences with school had not been very successful, and I was scared to take the math exams I needed to get into my nursing program. Whenever I had a math exam, my brain seemed to shut down, and I would do very poorly. The NLP process Mira used with me helped me find a sense of confidence and competency I’d never felt before. When I took my next test, I was able to figure out which of the math formulas I’d learned I should use for each problem. I even came up with new formulas to check my answers. And I was so proud of myself when got a 93 on my test!


G.B., registered nurse, Alamosa, Colorado,



Mira was absolutely essential in helping me get through my first Danskin Triathlon.  It consisted of a half mile swim, a 12 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run (wog for me).  My biggest fear was the swim portion.  I started training in March for the July triathlon.  I've never swam in open water before - I really did not know how to swim, with the exception of floating/swimming on my back.  With 1 session, I was able to train in open water for the first time.  After the second session, I was able to complete the half mile swim on my back in a little over an hour.  After the third session, I was ready for the TRI.  I set a goal to complete the TRI in 3 hours.  My official time was 2 hours and 41 minutes -- I did the swim portion in 41 minutes!  Mira's work is amazing!


RLS, Chiropractor, Denver, Colorado