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Hypnotherapy for Improved Health

Scientists tell us that some illnesses are caused by our genes, some are caused by our environment, and some by our lifestyles.  The psychologist Carl Jung spent years studying how the subconscious mind expresses itself through the body. Our language reflects this perfectly.  You may feel as if things are “eating you up inside”. You may be suffering from “a broken heart”. You may feel like there’s “a great weight on your shoulders.” The writer Susan Sontag once observed that illness can be a metaphor for what is wrong in your life or in your world.


Hypnosis can help you decipher the message your subconscious is attempting to get across to you. Once it has your attention, your subconscious can give you information about how to best heal your symptoms or emerge from “dis-ease’ into health.  Hypnosis can also help you discover and meet the needs that may be causing you to make unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as smoking or overeating. And it can guide you to turn on your innate healing abilities and come into mental, emotional and physical balance within yourself.





I have had allergies to dusts, molds and animal dander for years, and the symptoms have always been quite uncomfortable and even painful. After my session with Mira, I’ve noticed that the symptoms I usually get during this time of year have been much milder and very manageable. Recently I went to visit my daughter and granddaughter in a household that included 3 cats and 2 dogs and experienced virtually no allergy symptoms. I was able to pet and interact with all the animals comfortably. The session itself was very relaxing, and I am very pleased with the results!


S.N., Denver, Colorado, massage therapist